"When you take high dosage of vitamin D, you do not suppress the immune system. It is the opposite: you strength it. It is only the negative action of the immune system that is suppressed, the part that attacks the own body...

The vitamin D is not an immunesuppressor but an immunemodulator.

It always acts in our favor"


Professor Cícero Coimbra, PhD

"No one should suffer. Nobody should bear the weight of dark, unhealthy future, when the future can be bright. Nobody should feel sentenced to disease, when you can appeal and act against it.

Multiple Sclerosis does not have to mean that you will be handicapped or disabled. Rheumathoid arthritis might not mean joint pain and physical limitations. Psoriasis and vitiligo might not lead to social stress. Autoimmune conditions do not have to be a chronic, untreatable, permanent or unimprovable.

It is possible to beat autoimmunity and recover partly or totally your health"

Dr Miguel Damas